Cute Pet Photos

Check out these Cute Pet Photos of our furry friends! Some of Pets shy away from the camera when they visit the vet, and others love the attention. Either way, we’re in your Pet’s Fan Club! Because your Pet means … Read More

Adopt a Pet

Rescued is our Favorite Breed Thinking about how to adopt a pet? We are often asked about adopting a Pet through a shelter or rescue group. We know from experience that many of the best pets in terms of health … Read More

Pets & Toxic Plants

Autumn Crocus Azalea* Calla Lilly Day Lily Easter Lily Angel’s Trumpet Oleander* Rhododendron* Tiger Lily Yew* Foxglove* Lily of the Valley* Sago Palm Japanese Pieris* Monkshood* Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow plant Elephant’s Ear *denotes plants that pose the highest cardiotoxic … Read More

Pet Vanity Plate

Unleash your best ideas for a Pet vanity Plate. Download and print the coloring page, and then break out the crayons. Bring your art to Airport Animal Hospital to proudly display on our art board. We can’t wait to see … Read More

Color me Cute!

 DOWNLOAD COLORING PAGEColor me Cute! Choose a Cat or a Dog coloring page, click, download and print. Write why you love your Pet, and then break out the crayons. Bring your art to Airport Animal Hospital to proudly display on … Read More

Flea Free Bedding

Your Pet’s bed can be a major breeding ground for fleas, which will migrate into other areas of your home. Try these practical tips for keeping Fido and Fluffy’s bed flea-free.Make a pet bed out of a washable material to … Read More

How to Clean Dog Ears

1. Hold the head firmly as you apply cleaning drops (cleaning drops are available in our office) 2. Massage the liquid into the dog’s ear for 30 seconds to 1 minute 3. Step back and let your dog shake its … Read More

Cat Math

A single cat left unspayed can produce two litters per year, and these kittens will soon be producing litters of their own. Do the Cat Math, and the exponential potential for overpopulation is astonishing. So why aren’t we knee deep … Read More

Cats in a Café

 If you like coffee and love cats, this might just be your cup o’ joe. Cat cafés are the new thing in Japan, and they are popping up elsewhere too! Patrons can enjoy visiting the resident cats (many of whom … Read More

Greyhounds in Art

Greyhounds throughout history have been treasured by their owners as companions and objects of beauty. Greyhounds were often owned by royalty and noblemen, housed in the manor and treated as one of the family.Artists have been depicting the Greyhound for … Read More

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