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Adopt a Pet

Photo of adopted rescue dog Lilac on a green lawn

Rescued is our Favorite Breed

Thinking about how to adopt a pet? We are often asked about adopting a Pet through a shelter or rescue group. We know from experience that many of the best pets in terms of health and temperament are mixed breeds adopted from a shelter or pet adoption organization. Some of our best friends are from rescue organizations, and not just the four-legged variety! Please consider helping them out by fostering, donating, or adopting.

Connect with pet adoption organizations to find your new best furry friend, or adopt a pet through a small, independent breeder.

BFF Rescue

bff rescue logoIf you would like to open your home and heart to foster a small dog, Best Friends Forever Rescue is in need of volunteers. Photos of adoptable dogs and their stories can be seen on the BFF Rescue page on Petfinder. Please email if you would like to help out, donate or adopt:





Kenille’s Kupboard

kenille's kupboard logoKenille’s Kupboard Pet Pantry & Rescue is dedicated to helping families struggling to keep their pets at home and out of the shelters. Please contact Kenille’s Kupboard through their Facebook page if you would like to donate.