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How to Clean Dog Ears



1. Hold the head firmly as you apply cleaning drops (cleaning drops are available in our office)
2. Massage the liquid into the dog's ear for 30 seconds to 1 minute
3. Step back and let your dog shake its head if necessary
4. Wipe the ear clean using a cotton ball (cotton swab can be used on smaller dogs)
5. Note that dogs have a vertical ear canal (unlike humans), so don't be too nervous as you clean inward
6. Clean both ears weekly to prevent ear infections.

Starring Lilac

Ever wonder how to clean dog ears? Dr. Cuesta demonstrates—starring Lilac! Many of our friends at Airport Animal Hospital remember the Cuesta family dog, Lilac. She was just one of those memorable dogs! Lilac was a small, yappy mutt that resembles a Chihuahua, but she was missing her tail. Her DNA was tested (just for fun) to find out what kind of dog she really was. According to the DNA testing service WISDOM PANEL, she had no Chihuahua blood whatsoever, but she did have some mysterious evidence of large breeds such as the Chesapeake Bay Retriever. Now this is really strange considering where she came from.

Heather Cuesta came across Lilac while pearl shopping on a beach in Venezuela. Being a sucker for any cute, pitiful creature, she scooped up the pup and shared her lunch with her. The nearby people on the beach began clearing out when Heather began picking off dozens of ticks. They laughed at her (in Spanish) when she paid a local kid $5.00 to give Lilac a bath! Not exactly dog-friendly country.

So how did Lilac get from Venezuela to Toledo? Maybe Dr.Cuesta will tell you the story next time you're in. Meanwhile, this video demonstrating how to clean a dog's ears is really useful. You never know when you might rescue a mutt with some wicked dirty ears 🙂