Vegan Dog Biscuits

ICKY ITCHY SKIN in dogs can often be mitigated or cured with a switch to a high-quality, low-allergen diet. Dr. Cuesta may recommend prescription diets for problem skin, but you may also wish to treat your canine friend with a … Read More

Grow Wheat Grass for your Cat at Home

Wheat Grass is different from regular grass. This healthy type of grass satisfies kitty’s chewing instinct, but won’t harm a cat’s delicate stomach (less cat barf!). Indoor cats are deprived of their natural chewing instinct, so this bit of greens … Read More

Easy Frozen Dog Treats

Snacks are usually healthier when you know what’s in them, so pop these in your freezer to create simple, frozen dog treats for Fido, and be sure to kiss the chef!Sardine PopsicleKeep a bag of frozen sardines in your freezer, … Read More

How to trim kitty claws

Ever Wonder how to safely trim cat nails? Dr. Cuesta demonstrates – starring Chopstick! Chopstick is one of the Cuesta family’s four adopted cats. Chopstick was brought to the animal hospital in a box full of tiny, dirty, sickly kittens. … Read More

Kitty Litter Blues

This isn’t the beginning of a riddle, it’s a very important part of your cat’s health! Sadly, one of the main reasons cats are surrendered to shelters is litter box problems. That is, eliminating outside of the box. Cat caretakers … Read More

Tama the Railroad Cat

Wow! Over 3000 people attended the funeral of Tama the Cat over a June weekend in Kishi, Japan. What made this cat so special?Tama started life as a stray cat, scratching for food around the Kishi railway station. The railroad … Read More

Greyhound Dress-up Paper Doll

Adopt your very own Greyhound dress-up paper doll complete with a bed, toys, and three outfits!  To get started, click the image at left and print using a “borderless” setting. For a sturdier Greyhound paper doll, we recommend printing on … Read More

How to Pet a Cat

WINNING FELINE FRIENDSHIPEven if you’re as nervous as a cat in a room full of rockers, you can learn to befriend a finicky feline…and did you know this might calm your own nerves in the process?Cat companionship is a recognized therapy … Read More

How to give a Dog a Pill

Dr. Cuesta and his pal Zeus demonstrate how to give a dog a pill using three simple steps. 1. Hold the dog’s head up and massage the throat. 2. Open the mouth and place the pill far back in the … Read More

The Deer Vet

One snowy day, a badly injured deer wandered into Pet Smart in Perrysburg. The authorities had been called to euthanize her, but a Toledo veterinarian intervened to save the deer’s life. He quickly rounded up some assistants and set out … Read More

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