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Cats in a Café

Neko No Jikan


Cat cafe in Japan

If you like coffee and love cats, this might just be your cup o' joe. Cat cafés are the new thing in Japan, and they are popping up elsewhere too! Patrons can enjoy visiting the resident cats (many of whom are adoptable), getting their caffeine and purr fix all in one place.

Neko No Jikan cat cafe opened in 2004 as Osaka's first cat cafe where customers pay by the hour to enjoy the company of cats. Osaka has ten cat cafés. There are over 100 cat cafés in Japan, mostly catering to students and apartment dwellers who miss having a cat of their own. The Japanese word for cat is "Neko," which might be helpful for asking directions to the nearest cat café. Don’t fret if you can’t hop a flight to Tokyo–if you’re visiting Cali, you may wish to check out KitTea in San Francisco or Cat Town Café in Oakland.

Tell us what you think! Would you love to visit a Cat Café in Toledo, or would you prefer a Dog Café?

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