Your Pet's optimal health is our goal. Just like humans, pets need vaccinations against dangerous viral diseases. We recommend a twice yearly pet care visit and recommended vaccinations, making it easier to help keep the pets you love healthy year-round.


We are also there when you need us most. Our veterinarian has 20 years experience in small animal medicine. Experience matters because the result is an accurate diagnosis, reducing treatment time and future complications. Dr. Cuesta possesses a unique combination of empathy, warmth and insight, qualities that enable him to recognize the unique needs of each pet and to tailor a targeted treatment plan. We are a fully-equipped veterinary hospital ready to handle all of the medical and surgical needs for the pets you love.


"Let food be your first medicine." It's true! We are what we eat, especially when it comes to pets. The GI tract of our furry friends is much more sensitive than in humans. Their sensitive digestive tract requires a stable diet designed for your pet's specific health needs. Many chronic issues can be controlled or eliminated through a targeted diet plan. These conditions may include skin allergies, gastrointestinal and urinary tract issues and excess weight.

We stock prescription diets from Hill's and Royal Canin to keep your furry friend vibrant and healthy. Dr. Cuesta will provide a personalized consultation on what, when and how much to feed your pet.


Regular dental cleaning is as important for your furry friend as it is for you. Dental disease in dogs and cats can increase the risk of major health issues, so be sure to have your pet’s teeth cleaned every year. Gingivitis and periodontal disease can not only result in lost teeth and abcesses, but can develop into more serious problems. Senior pets are especially vulnerable, and prevention is truly the best medicine. Fresh breath is an added bonus for keeping the pets you love more smoochable with regular dental care.