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Grow Wheat Grass for your Cat at Home

Eat your veggies, kitties

kitty wheat grass
Dr. Cuesta's cat Martha enjoys a treat of Wheat Grass.

Wheat Grass is different from regular grass. This healthy type of grass satisfies kitty's chewing instinct, but won't harm a cat's delicate stomach (less cat barf!). Indoor cats are deprived of their natural chewing instinct, so this bit of greens helps keep them healthy and entertained. Adding something green to a cat's diet also mimics the food their feline counterpart would naturally eat in the wild. Big cats in the wild eat the contents of their prey's stomachs, which is full of the greens and grains that herbivores eat. However, cats are obligatory carnivores, and no cat can be "vegetarian" because a necessary amino acid called Taurine is completely absent in the vegetable kingdom.

How to Grow Wheat Grass

Wheat Grass can sometimes be found near the basil and other potted herbs in the grocery store. Save a bundle by growing your own at home. Growing your own herbs indoors is simple and fun!

The Aerogarden by Miracle Gro is a clever LED and hydroponic unit for a year-round supply of herbs. Grow any herb at all using the "Grow Anything" seed kit right on your own kitchen counter. The Cuesta family has used the Aerogarden for over a year with great success. If you have a sunny windowsill, another good option is a Wheat Grass sprouting kit. Ask nicely and kitty may even be willing to share a few snips of this super-veggie for your own power-smoothies!

We recommend setting the container of wheat grass out for just a few hours each day so kitty will remain interested. Although Wheat Grass is gentler on kitty stomachs than regular grass, we still recommend this decorating strategy: "Never feed your Cat anything that doesn't match the rug!"

Martha loves to chew on this stuff, and we think your favorite feline will love it too. Let us know how your garden grows!