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The Deer Vet

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A True Story

deer vet treats doeOne snowy day, a badly injured deer wandered into Pet Smart in Perrysburg. The authorities had been called to euthanize her, but a Toledo veterinarian intervened to save the deer's life. He quickly rounded up some assistants and set out to stitch up her wounds. The deer seemed to know that she was being helped, because she was still and quiet as she was being treated. The veterinarian applied medicine after surgery, and by then a whole crowd of onlookers were there to release her back to the wild.

Millions of people around the world were amazed to hear of the "Deer Vet" when the story went across the Associated Press newswire and appeared on Good Morning America. Video footage found its way to thousands of blogs and web sites.

"The Deer Vet" is our own Dr. Cuesta! Click to read the Deer Vet article in the Toledo Blade.



deer vet and team treat doe

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