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I want to let everyone in the Toledo area know that Dr, Gussett and his staff are wonderful!!!! I read the reviews on here and I have to say that the good ones are correct and the 2 that were not good, could not be clients of Dr. Gussett’s . We moved to Toledo 3 years ago with our 3 cats and dog. Right off the bat we had one of the cats need medical attention and looked for a vet. We just happened to be lucky enough to have found the Airport Animal hospital. When you drive up to the hospital it is not fancy, it is a home that was turned into the hospital, however it is clean and organized. The staff is friendly and very tolerable of pet owners like myself who are a bit over protective and full of questions and concerns. My one large cat had urine blockage and was admitted in the hospital for a week, we thought we were going to loose him. I went twice a day for a week to visit my cat and was allowed back in the back where they keep the animals. Again this is not fancy, but it is clean a