Meet Ms. Jan, Certified Grooming Expert

Groomer Jan holding a Scottie dogAt Airport Animal Hospital, you will find expert grooming for dogs and cats by Ms. Jan. Our highly experienced and Certified Groomer has been making Pets beautiful for over 15 years.

When Ms. Jan found her calling, her passion for Pets was ignited. Grooming pets six days a week, and "loving every minute of it," Ms. Jan logged hundreds of hours experience perfecting a variety of cuts. Her favorite Dog cut is the Schnauzer Cut, with its sassy skirt and tapered legs. Ms. Jan enjoys grooming and bathing Cats too, "as long as they cooperate," she says with a wink. The Lion Cut is her favorite, and the top choice of Dr. Cuesta's cats, Chopstick and Martha.

With so many years of Pet care experience, Ms. Jan has many stories to tell. A dust mop might come in, but Ms. Jan's loving care always turns them into a Polished Pooch. One particular passion is for helping rescue dogs feel so much better. Once, a sadly neglected Shi-Tzu was brought to her by a rescue organization. After a gentle bath and combing through all the mats, Ms. Jan realized this was no Shi-Tzu. It was a Lhasa Apso! This revelation required an entirely new direction in the beauty department, but in the end, Pearl was lovely, sweet-smelling, and ready for her new home.

Making Pets more smoochable every day, Ms. Jan has a long list of clients and a dedicated following. She will be delighted to apply her special touch to your Perfect Pooch too!